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Characteristics and benefits of IDP coated tooling

Electroplated or coated tools are produced by applying Diamond or c.B.N. (cubic Boron Nitride) to a metal preform (saw blade, holesaw, grinding pin, router, grinding wheel, etc.).  The matrix material is usually electro-deposited nickel.  The tools have an open, free cutting action.

Our processes allow for the production of tools with a high density of exposed abrasive particles, this coupled with a uniform nickel coating allow us to produce tools to very tight tolerances.

Coated tools are well suited to many applications including cutting, drilling, grinding and lapping operations.

Coated tools can also be reconditioned we simply remove the remaining old coating and apply a new one.  This is a cost effective feature especially when the preform is expensive to produce, for example a profiled grinding wheel.

A further benefit particularly relevant to profiled wheels is that the single or double layer coating copies the preform profile.  The finished grinding wheel profile is maintained throughout it's life.

We guarantee that our coating will not separate from the preform.

We are able to assist with tool design.

Create tools to your drawings and specifications

We can Diamond or c.B.N. coat preforms manufactured by you

We can recoat your existing tooling

The care and attention we apply to your project is second to none

Information shared with us is confidential, please read our privacy policy

You are assured of personalised service

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